We have what we believe to be the best  "Seriously Healthy Snack Food" on the market in the US today. In fact, if you find a snack food that is healthier than ours, please tell us because we sure can't!

If you are looking for a health snack food that is Gluten Free, Organic, High Fiber, High Nutrition, Low Fat, is Lactose Free, Nut Free, packed with energy and tastes great then we urge you to visit us at http://www.tigernutsusa.com and try our patented "Supreme Peeled" Tiger Nuts.

The thing is that Tiger Nuts are not actually nuts, they are a tuber, a vegetable and have all of the sweetness that you are looking for in a snack food, but with the bonus that because they are all natural, organic there is nothing added to our Tiger Nuts other than sunshine from the fields of Valencia, Spain.

So please let us know if you find a healthier snack food that is better in content and tastes better than ours, at nuts@tigernutsusa.com


The Nuts at Tiger Nuts USA dot Com

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