It's coming towards the end of the first year in business for Tiger Nuts Inc, and I thought it worth writing down a few observations that I have learned along this journey, with the idea that maybe it could help a few people who are thinking about getting into business.


1. If you truly believe, even if no one else does, just do it!

The idea for starting Tiger Nuts USA came out of a product concept that has been around for over 4000 years,but for some reason (just like soccer) it was never a success in the USA. But after rediscovering it discussing it with my old business partner Jim McNulty, we both felt that it was a product concept that was, of it's time, and if we gave it a good shot, we could put the odds in our favor and create a successful product launch.

The tru  The truth is that we had both been launching products for major client's for decades, but it was always with the client's money, together with their manufacturing facilities and expertise, coupled with our creative and marketing know how. But this time it was different, we would have to do everything, including, manufacturing, understanding the legal requirements, FDA approvals, USDA requirements, shipping and transportation from Spain to the US, customs, imports, and on and on. So much stuff including the launch of a product category that no on in America had ever heard of.

But despite all of these things we have to understand and overcome, we believe in the product so much that we said, “You know what, let's just do it”. This is the “WHY” we started the business, because we believe in it and we want to inspire people in the USA and around the world to eat and become more healthy.

2. Surround yourself with people you believe in, and believe in you!

Jim and I are incredibly lucky, we are best friends who can literally sit next to each other and not have to say anything, but understand that it's OK, whatever happens. Folks this is a rare and very special gift that has been given to us, and neither of us takes this lightly. Jim and I believe and trust one another, and have done so for over 40 years, so this was a “no brainer” to start the business together. But the bonus is that we have had some terrific luck in having a new partner Ryan (Biff) Crossley come into the world of Tiger Nuts, and he is the one person who get's everything where it has to go, when it should get there, we couldn't do it without him. And Lauren Bennett, who despite her lack of age, she is in her early 20's, is way beyond her years in understanding the whole process of social media communications. How we came to be involved with both of these people are great stories in themselves, but for now, just make sure that you get the message of – Surround yourself with people you believe in and trust and are terrific at what they know.

3. Understand that you don't know what you don't know!

This is huge! We generally think we are pretty smart, particularly if you have actually done it all before, and in Jim and my case we have both founded and grown companies from scratch to become national in size, and worked with many of the biggest brands on earth!

But the reality is that there is a whole bunch of stuff that you think you might know, that you simply don't know, and you had better make sure that you leave your ego at the door and surround you with the talent that does know.

For instance Jim and I have launched dozens of products over the years, but we have never had to actually pay for it all with our money, the clients always took care of research, manufacturing and the whole delivery structure. So we made sure in when we took on a new partner in Ryan, that he knew his stuff about getting things moved around, because we sure didn't. And the same goes for social media communications, we knew what it was, we knew that we needed it, but sure did not know how to do it, and thanks to a higher power, Lauren Bennett came into the world of Tiger Nuts.

Ryan and Lauren reinforced the lesson, that we didn't know what we didn't know, and this is one lesson I hope you pick up on.

So what's the latest on Tiger Nuts Inc?

We are thrilled that so many health food stores around the country have taken us on as a line, and that hundreds and hundreds of customers have found us at

Fortunately we have a terrific product, and we are enjoying the challenge of not staying the as the “Best kept secret in the Healthy Snack Industry” as we know that we are probably the “Healthiest 'single source' snack food on the market”.

If you would like to know more about the “WHY – HOW and WHAT” we are doing, just drop me an e-mail at

Jack – Chief Nut at

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