Happy Boxing Day!

Yes today is Boxing Day, and the chances are that you are probably asking yourself, “What the heck is Boxing Day”?

Well the easiest thing to do is click on Wikipedia or Google it and the answer is actually varied. You will get answers that rage from -

  • The day after Christmas, December 26th , when the landed gentry in England would give their servants boxes with gifts in them, hence the term “Christmas Box. And because the staff were required to work on Christmas Day, they gave them the day off on December 26th

  • A box that was placed in the church to collect money that was then distributed to the poor on the day after Christmas. The box was called an “Alms” Box.

  • A clay pot or container where money was collected through the year and broken open to buy presents for the family for Christmas.

So take your pick of which version you like, but what I do know is that it is one of my favorite days of the year. It's the day after Christmas Day, and it's not that frantic rushing around making sure that the food is prepared and cooked in a timely manner, and then waiting for Uncle Albert to come back from the pub and start an argument. It's much more relaxed!

Boxing Day you can actually check out the presents and maybe even use them, specially if it's a new bike for a child, and Mom and Dad get the chance to teach how to ride.

It's the day when you can eat, usually for the third time, the leftovers from the Christmas meal, it does taste better the third time around. For instance I remember my Mom taking what were the best roast potatoes in the world, bar none, no argument, and don't write me on this because it's not up for discussion. And chop them up and mix some greens, and then put them in the frying pan and create “Bubble and squeak”, don't ask me where that comes from, I have no idea, but that “Bubble and Squeak” tasted soooooo good!

It's also a Big Sporting Day, and in my case today, yes today December 26th 2013, I will be playing golf with my friends, cos that's what you do on Boxing Day, spend times with the people that you really want to.

So if you are working today, tell you boss that traditionally in England, and many of the countries around the world that were part of the British Empire, today is sacred, you just don't work on Boxing Day, so you should get the day off, tell him I said so if you want, unless he or she is very big and strong and doesn't have a sense of humor!

Happy Boxing Day!

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