As well as writing books on business growth and branding, Jack has written hundreds of articles that have been published, here is a small selection that you can reproduce in your publication (with credit please) with compliments.

Burying your head in the sand, will bury your business!  download

Your brand? Don't ask me! Ask your customers!  download

Hire in haste repent at leisure; recruit for serious business growth  download

It’s not how much you want, but how much you want it!  download

Numbers: Why winners love them and losers fear them  download

Sell a dream, give your product for free!  download

Why Winning Brands DO Sweat the Small Stuff  download

When good products are not good enough!  download

This is Jack's book "Growing small Businesses into BIG Brands Opening_Chapter  download

Don't Ask Me, Ask Your Customers! download

As we mentioned their are hundreds more articles and they are all available for reproduction in your corporate or association communications. Just e-mail Jack by clicking here, and he will get back to you about creating a specific article to address your industries most pressing business growth and branding needs.