I was very fortunate in that my Father was also a great mentor to me. He was one of those people who was naturally gifted in business and he made a reasonable living for our family and especially after going through some very tough times when he was young.

I leveraged the “Mentor” concept when I was in business, I always had an enquiring mind and I never had a problem asking advice from other people.

So when we started making some headway in my marketing agency, I wanted to take the business to the next level, and in our case that was to get to $10 million in sales. So I started calling presidents of companies who had $10 million or more in sales and asking them questions like, “What does your day consist of” and much more. What I found out was that readers of successful companies always are generous in helping out, as long as you listen to what they suggest and then act upon it. It’s when you ask for help and then don’t do anything about it that people get resentful.

I then went through the same exercise when we were at $20 – $50 – $100 million because these leaders had experienced areas of business that I had never been through, I needed their experience.

So my advice is find yourself a mentor who has been where you want to go, they will help you get there and you will make less mistakes along the way.