All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Well that's what they say, and they are right!

I must tell you that in the early years in business, I was definitely what they call a "workaholic".  I rarely got more than 4 hours sleep a night, and I always got the parking spot by the front door of the building, because I was first there.

On reflection, this was not a good idea, and I just wish I had learned earlier, that you MUST have some fun in life, otherwise you don't have a life! So I discovered golf and of course I became nuts about the game.

What I have got out of the game is immense and I can assure you that it has enabled me to play with Presidents, Premiere's and People from all over the world in dozens of countries that I otherwise would never have met.

Here's the truth about golf, if you play the game, you cant think about much else while you are slapping that little white ball around. This sport also gave me a second career because I loved the game so much, I went through the qualifying process and became a professional golf teacher. Today I am the Pro at Storm King Golf Club in NY during the summer months, that's when I am not on the road speaking.

I also love music and learned all about Rock n' Roll one day when my then girlfriend and I went to a country fair and heard Chuck Berry singing "Sweet Little Sixteen", from that moment I was hooked. We stayed all day to hear that one song over and over and it changed my life forever, in many ways. I often spent time in  Sidcup Art School, Kent England, just hanging out with the guys and listening to music, particularly blues from the US.

You may have heard of one of those guys, his name is Keith Richards, who did OK with The Rolling Stones. If you ever read Keith's biography, he talks all about this time in our lives, yes we are the same age.

Well fast forward 45 years and I was sitting at home one day and my wife asked me what I wanted for a Christmas present. I said I would like one of those small electronic drum sets with 5 pads on and about 20 inches wide. She thought I was nuts, but she bough it anyway. I got some sticks and thrashed away with the headphones on pretending I could play while listening to some serious rock and blues on my i-Pod.

Thank goodness no-one else could hear, it must have been awful. Again fast forward 18 months and again my wife asks what I want for Christmas, and I asked her to buy me a "Big Boy Set of Electronic Drums", which she did. So now I was thrashing away, but making a little more noise, but on the beat at least.

One day we were at a friends party and my wife decides to tell one of the guys who plays guitar, that I play drums. I was of course mortified!!!! Anyway,one day when I was out exercising the guitarist stops his car and says that they are practising that night and would I come. I said I would think about it, having very little intention of going as frankly I am very shy. Well my wife persuaded me to go and I had one of the greatest nights of my life, it was amazing.

I am not sure that we sounded very good, but it felt great. Again fast forward, I was playing drums in this band, and we were doing OK, but did not have a singer. Someone said we had an electric drum machine, so Jack you sing so that we can hear what the band sound like a little better.

Again, remember I am incredibly shy, and have never sung anywhere in the world other than in the car on my own, but apparently I didn't suck! So now I sing the blues and rock as much as possible and as frequently as I can, and honestly if I could do this everyday I would. This is a long way of saying, have fun because as my Mum would say, this is not a dress rehearsal!

By the way, if you ever book me to speak and have a band who can play some blues, I promise I will get up and give you some Eric Clapton, SRV, Joe Cocker and more if you want me to, or even if you dont.

In the meantime if you like rock n roll and  would like to listen to a couple of my original songs that were recorded with Joe Nott on Guitar, David Gill on Bass and Glenn on Drums, here's are the links, enjoy:


Here's the second song that I recorded, hope you like it: