Over the years I have been asked many times what it takes to create and grow a brand. And after telling the person that that every business is a brand, some are better or worse than others, but every business is in fact a brand, and it's how you get it some "Top of Mind Awareness" and "Positive Recall" that's the big differentiator. They then usually ask me," OK, how do I do it Jack"?

That's what this "Brand Strength Test" is all about, it's a series of fifty questions that you need to answer and give yourself a grade, so that you can decide what area needs work the most, and in what order. You will score between 1 and 5 points for each question, and when you have answered every question it will give you a result automatically.

But the most important components of my Brand Strength Test, are the actual questions themselves! Please make sure you take your time and truly read the questions, because these are the keys to your Brand Growth.

The idea in the test is that there is "No Finish Line" when it comes to taking the "Brand Strength Test", because it's an ongoing tool that hopefully will become a part of your management system and become a part of your overall business and brand development. Take the Test at least once a year and the results will help you focus on the areas that you need to improve upon.

Now just click the following link and start improving your brand awareness today!

Brand Strength Test