This video shows me speaking for various associations and corporations and while the overall direction is always based on my own experience of founding and growing businesses from start-up to a national size, it always delivers on "Inspirational Business Growth". Each session that I deliver is tailored towards the specific needs and want's of the audience and we do have a few laughs, with many real world stories of success and failure to keep them entertained.


If you are a "Meeting Planner" here's what I know and do about helping  you plan and execute a great meeting!

Over the years I have had the good fortune to work with some amazing meeting planners, and you can’t help but learn some stuff along the way, I guess that’s called experience.

I know firsthand that the meeting planner’s job is not easy and it’s not the great stuff that people remember; it’s always the stuff that goes wrong that they talk about. Frankly I think that the meeting planner’s job description should be changed to “Murphy’s Law” because if it can go wrong it probably will. Also for some reason the majority of meeting planners are females and from my experience this makes all the sense in the world. I have found from making females the majority of the Vice Presidents in my company that they are far more detail oriented than their male counterparts. And putting on a successful meeting is totally reliant on getting the details right.

I have been fortunate to have met 100’s of meeting planners during my career as a speaker and in particular during my keynote sessions for MPI during the several World Congress sessions and many Chapter sessions I have completed for them. And I can honestly say that I am always amazed at their capacity for keeping so many details at their finger tips and remaining sane at the same time.

The one major thing that I have come to realize is, as a speaker, I am frankly not a major importance in the big scheme of things in planning a meeting. I know from conducting primary research that the speaker maybe makes the top twenty five list of most important things that a meeting planner worries about. So I know that it’s my job to make the whole process as easy as possible, deliver above and beyond, and pitch in whenever the meeting planner needs help. But by the same time if I do not deliver what is expected then the meeting planner will get the call that starts off “Where on earth did you get that speaker”.

What I have found is that it always comes down to a few things that I can do that will ensure the meeting having the best chance of success. So these are some of my thoughts and as always, I would love to hear yours:

1. Create a contract that creates a win/win scenario for the meeting and the speaker. Put as much information in the contract as possible, so that there is no doubt as to what you will be, and will not be, expected to do. Then in reality always try to exceed these expectations!

2. Try to get the very best air fares or transportation costs available and always book coach tickets. OK so I will use miles to get upgraded wherever possible, but that’s on my dime, not the meeting planners.

3. Offer to create a video that will help promote the meeting to the prospective attendees to try and boost attendance.

4. Offer to allow the session to be filmed so that the session can be seen by attendees or folks who could not attend. (With the usual restrictions on additional sales).

5. Make sure to chat with the person who signs the checks and make sure as to what their expectations are for the speaking session.

6. Make sure that on arrival at the site to check in with the meeting planner and ask if they would like me to attend any meetings or cocktail parties and meet the folks who will be at the meeting.

7. Check the room I will be speaking in as quickly as possible, so I can check the stage, seating, emergency exits etc.

8. Find the a/v guys as quickly as possible, these guys can make or break a great keynote, I always try to befriend them.

9. If I am with the client in the evening and will be speaking first thing the following morning, I always excuse myself and endeavor to get an early night, and I usually go over my speech just one more time and make any changes that are required after spending time with some of the attendees.

10. Get to the room I will be speaking in at least an hour before hand so as to do another audio check.

11. Make sure that I get some pictures with the client and some attendees; you just never know when anyone will want them.

12. Get ready to go on by taking a slow walk, breathe a lot and think positive thoughts and realize that I am incredibly blessed to have a job like this.

13. Wait for the introduction which I have prepared for the client, and have a spare copy because they can get lost.

14. Give my speaking session with all of the energy and enthusiasm that will excite the audience and get them to take in all of the information that will help them grow their business, brand or marketing or them.

15. Answer as many questions that the audience asks, and be prepared to get back to those who I cannot answer immediately.

16. Make sure that I send out a thanks package of business growth and branding goodies to all of the attendees.

17. Be prepared with a second speech, just in case someone does not turn up, yes this has happened to me!

18. Stay as long as the client would like me to and help out in any way I can to make the event an even bigger success.

19. Send out follow up articles or responses to the attendees via the client’s newsletters if they would like.

20. Ask the client to recommend me to another association of corporation, yes I ask for the order too!

So if you are planning a meeting, the previous things are what I will absolutely positively do for your meeting, and hopefully some more too, including knocking the speaking session out of the park.

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NOTE: All rights reserved, but please feel free to use this article in any of your marketing communications as long as you give the following credit: Jack Sims, voted as one of the best keynote speakers in America, by meeting planners, is also the founder of two international corporations including America's largest marketing agency. He is the author of two business growth books including "Growing small Businesses into BIG Brands" and "How to Seriously WIN at Business & Golf". He is a guest lecturer at the Institute of Business (Trinidad), a member of the National Speakers Association and is a Professional Golf Teacher in New York.

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