Get one client, that's great, get two client's that's terrific and you just might be lucky. But get this many client's. and get booked more than once, then you have to be doing something right. This is a partial list of many of the wonderful groups that I have had the privilege of giving keynote speaking sessions for or have had as clients in my marketing agency.

Air Movement Control Association

American Institute for Shippers Association


Aseptic Council Association

Jack Sims

Associated Locksmiths

Jack Sims

Automotive Body parts Association

Best Foods

British Airways

Burger King


California Lottery

Caribbean Golf Association

CEO Clubs of America

Chief Executive Network

Colgate Palmolive

Durasol Awnings

Jack and Larry

Fromageries Bel

General Foods

General Electric

Goddard Enterprises


Jack Sims


Industrial Fabrics Association International

Institute of Trinidad

Independent Professional Seed Association

Johnson and Johnson

Latham Pool Products




Michigan Staffing Association

MPI- Professional Education Conference

MPI – World Congress

MPI -New England

MPI -Pacific North West

MPI – Southern California

National Association of Print Leadership

Jack Sims

National Floor Covering Association

Jack Sims

National Frame Builders Association

National Onion Association


Network IP



Peter Paul


Premier Water

Quade Consulting

Reynolds Aluminum


Southern Wine and Spirits

ST Media

Sunglass Association of America

Vacuum Dealers trade Association

Visit Florida (The Governors Conference)

Washington Group International

YEO Cleveland

YEO – Indianapolis

  Contact: – 914 509 5170 Jack Sims: Voted as one of the best keynote speakers in America, by meeting planners,  is the founder of two international corporations including America's largest marketing agency. He is also the author of two business growth books including "Growing small Businesses into BIG Brands" and "How to Seriously WIN at Business & Golf".  He is a guest lecturer at the Institute of Business (Trinidad), a member of the National Speakers Association and is a Professional Golf Teacher in New York. He can be contacted at – 914 509 5170 –