As you will have gathered from previous comments of mine, I strongly believe that your people are the single biggest asset you have in your business, period!

So in my mind if in the group you have people who are really good at what they do, or have the potential to be really good at what they can do, you should want to give them every incentive to stay part of the team.

To be quite frank you have to put a plan together that will enable you to keep the “Top Performers” if you want to build and grow your business and beat the “you know what” out of the competition.

Starting out, we have to understand that the concept of managing to keep great employees will make a positive impact on you bottom line. Yes it’s not only good for business, but it’s your responsibility as management to do everything possible to help the company to make a profit. And keeping great employees will help you do just that! You see the costs associated with finding new people will be far greater than seriously looking after the people you already employ.

If you would like to ensure success in this area of business, here are some ideas and actions that I have taken in my businesses, I hope they help:

  • Understand that you hire the whole family when you hire someone. Reality is that your employees spend an awful amount of time in your company and consequently away from their family. Therefore it’s always a smart move to get the family on your side right from then get go. So make sure that when you have decided to hire them, send a thank you to the family. This can be in the form of a letter, but I would suggest that you send them a gift that the whole family can enjoy, maybe a box of steaks or lobster tails as a way of saying thanks for letting the person become a part of your business family. Trust me there will come a time when you will need the family on your side.
  • Make sure that you start people working on a Tuesday; you see Monday’s are way too busy. You have production meetings, staff meetings, clients to contact and on and on, you are way too tied up to give the new employee the correct amount of time they deserve, let alone take them to lunch like you should. Start them on a Tuesday and make sure you have devoted the correct amount of time to welcome them correctly. Here’s a few things that you should try to do:

1.       Block off the time on your calendar for you and the team they will be working with.

2.       Make sure that their business cards are printed and on their desks. You know they will need them the day you hired them, so you have no excuses.

3.       Make sure that you do a walk through personally to make sure they are introduced to everyone that they will be working with.

4.       Have lunch with them and the new team.

5.       Make sure that their phones and all forms of communication are working correctly and that the switchboard or person who answers the phone knows exactly who they are and where they are.

6.       Check in on them at the end of the day, week and of course spend time at the end of the month to make sure all is well.

  • After a three month trial make sure that you make a big fuss that they have passed the initiation stage. In our company every employee received a silver “bomber jacket”, with their name on the front and the “Sims” name on the back. They were now officially on the team and they knew that the decision for them to stay was not made only by management, but by the team that they work with, they were part of the family now too!
  • Make sure that everyone has a job description and knows exactly what their “Measurement of Success” is based on.
  • Give salary increases before the employee expects them, and of course don’t, if they do not deserve it. In my company if you came to see me about getting a raise, you already knew the answer, you didn’t deserve one, so maybe you should think again about coming to see me.
  • Make sure that every employee gets the chance to become better at what they do and also become what they never dreamed possible. Most people will surprise you if you give them a chance, further education is the key. Leave your ego in the parking lot, make sure that employees are better at what they do than you can, make sure they are nuts about the job they do and cannot wait to get to work every day.
  • Give every employee the chance to make a lot of money, but make sure that a percentage of it is decided on by their peers. These are the people who really know whether they are performing or not.

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