When I wrote my first brochure for my start-up company in White Plains, New York, on the front cover it had the words “If nobody sells a terrible thing happens”. The after you turned the page you read, “NOTHING”.
And that is the truth, you can be the best mechanic, accountant, lawyer, builder or farmer in the world, but if you don’t sell your stuff to someone you are out of business. Its how we all keep score, what are the sales and profits, at the end of the day that’s all that matters in business if you want to stay in business.
Sales, most people are very black or white on this subject; they like sales or they will tell you “I hate selling”. Well the fact is that we are all sales people in one way or another, haven’t you tried to persuade your partner to go to a movie that you know he or she did not want to see but you did. I admit I did get my wife to see Rocky Balboa and for that I deserve the salesman of the year award. But you get my point we all are sales people in one way or another and they way we persuade our friends and family is they way that we should sell our customers.
People love doing business with like minded people and one of the things that you can do to ensure a better chance of success is to review your potential customers and segment them into types. According to the “Keirsey Temperament Sorter” there are 4 basic types of people and if you think it through you can put everyone in one of these types.
Once you know what type your customer is, you can then adapt your behavior to their type, so that they will have a comfort level with you and be more inclined to trust you in the negotiation process.
The Keirsey™ Temperament Sorter®-II
The Keirsey Temperament Sorter II® (KTS®-II) is a powerful 70-question personality instrument that helps individuals discover their personality type. The KTS™-II is based on Dr. David Keirsey’s Temperament theory and has helped over 30 million people worldwide to gain insight into themselves and the people around them. This insight is useful when selecting a career or choosing a work environment.
According to Keirsey’s Temperament Theory, people can be sorted into four Temperament groups. These groups are referred to as Artisans, Guardians, Rationals and Idealists. Within each of the four Temperaments, there are four Temperament Variants, which Keirsey calls, “Character types.”
Some of the most popular uses of the Keirsey Temperament Sorter®-II include:
• Team Building • Guidance Counseling
• Conflict Resolution • Relationship Counseling
• Career Exploration • Self Understanding

The Four Preference Scales
The KTS®-II uses four scales to sort candidates into one of Keirsey’s four Temperaments and one of sixteen Character types. The four preference scales measure a respondent’s preference for:
(E)=Expressive vs. (I)=Attentive
(S)=Observant vs. (N)=Introspective
(T)=Tough-Minded vs. (F)=Friendly
(J)=Scheduling vs. (P)=Probing
The Four Temperaments:
Artisans™ prefer jobs where they can trouble shoot, respond to crises and negotiate. They also enjoy identifying and responding to opportunities.
Guardians™ prefer jobs that demand responsibility. They enjoy improving their efficiency of processes and setting up standardized procedures
Rationals™ enjoy jobs that demand a high level of expertise and high standards of competence. They enjoy designing and understanding systems.
Idealists™ enjoy jobs that allow them to support and encourage others. Their tendency to be enthusiastic can energize and improve the moral of others.

Once you understand this about your customer, you can then adapt your behavior and selling style to better match them. This, in turn, will increase their comfort level with you and they are more inclined to trust you in the negotiation process. You can get a FREE personal basic report, based on the Keirsey Temperament Sorter by clicking here.

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