The people you work with are probably the single biggest financial asset you and your company have.

Please don’t throw that line away; your people are the future of your business.

There are some basics principles that I have learned from a lifetime of hiring some wonderful people who are some of the greatest employees in the world, and I would like to share them with you: You see that when you hire people, you have to hire them with the intention that you are hiring them for life. They deserve a lifetime career with all of the opportunities that they expect to have.

Don’t treat this comment lightly, make sure you think through and discuss the career path that any prospective employee hopes to take. While in my mind it is very clear that as an employer you have to give all employees the opportunity to be the very best they can be, but there are always some people who just don’t deliver on the promises they made when going through the hiring process. It’s those people that you unfortunately have to keep your eyes on the most. And this is in reality, not fair to the rest of the group who are doing what they said they will do.

Getting great people in your company is a never ending project and its one that you need to make sure you stay focused on or you will not become or have a chance to stay as the brand leader in the category that you are competing in. The job of finding, hiring and keeping great people is never ever completed; you have to be continually looking for better employees until you are 100% happy with 100% of the employees, which will of course never happen! Leave your ego at home, don’t take it to work, hire people better than you! I can tell from firsthand experience that you might think you are good, and maybe you are, but there is no way you can do everything yourself, especially if you want to grow your business.

A great leader is like the conductor of an orchestra, they don’t actually play any of the instruments but they are able to get all of the musicians to perform together for the betterment of the overall performance. But each of the players should be as good as they can possibly be, they should be stars in their own right.

Hire people who incredibly passionate about what they do. Hire people who are genius at what they do. For instance I am OK at accounting, but my in-house accountant who ran my businesses for years was crazy about it, he loved it, he got a buzz from doing the corporate accounts. Thanks god he did, it kept us on track for years and enabled us to present a great set of accounts to banks and eventually the “Wall Street” folks who eventually bought my business.

So do your best to hire people who are far better at doing the jobs that need doing, leave your ego in the parking lot, hire people that make you look good and give them the opportunity to look great, praise the heck out of them and pay them a little more than they expect.

The whole family works for you When you have done all of your due diligence and have interviewed your prospect at least three times, maybe it would help if you even break bread and got to know them and their family too. Because reality is that when someone commits to work for you, they also need the emotional permission and support from their family. They will spend a lot of time at work, in some cases more than they spend at home, so make friends with the family if you want to get the longevity of your business ensured. Then when the day comes that you actually hire the person, make sure that you communicate with their family, send them a letter and a gift of some sort, welcoming them as part of your company family and thank them for letting their spouse become an essential part of the future growth of your business.

Get employees to be as good as they want to be! It is your responsibility to help your employees grow in their jobs as much as possible, well as far as you possibly can. There always comes a point where you can’t take a person any further, but as long as they have tried as much as possible, then it’s ok. Continuing education is not only a responsibility of yours but also of the employees, they have “gotta wanna” do it too!

Make it fun Make the job fun; make it a place where the employees think of your business like a second home. They want to be comfortable at work and you should want that for them too. Yes Hawaiian Shirt Day is OK, so is inter-departmental competitions where the losers have to cook a barbeque for the winning team. You can think of tons of idea like this, so just do it, it makes the employees stick. Pay for one person’s gas each month, give a winner a special parking spot you know the drill.

Conclusion Your employees are the best thing in your business; treat them with respect, especially if you would want them to respect you. Listen to what they have to say, go “walkabout” around the office and hang out sometimes at the water cooler and chat, show you are accessible and are genuinely interested in what they have to say. Your people are the single biggest asset you have and you will not be successful without them

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