Being smart in business is something that you can actually guarantee if you set some serious sales and marketing goals.

Goals are crucial to your success. Wishing just won’t get the job done. A "wish" is a goal that hasn’t been written down. If you haven’t written your goals, you’re still just wishing for success. 

Many years ago I stumbled on the following SMART formula that will help you make sure you are on target:

1. Sensible – be sensible, don’t take on more than you can chew. Make sure that the odds of success in whatever it is you are doing are in your favor. If they are not, then make sure you consider all of the downsides and ramifications and make those adjustments.

2. Measurable –If you can’t measure it,  don’t do it!  Seriously, make sure that you have measurement criteria in as many paces in your business as possible. Don't just measure sales, there are many other areas that should be continually measured. Look at internal performance bench marks, on time deliveries, cleanliness of trucks, quality of performance and on and on, you get the idea. Again, if you can't measure it, don't do it!

3. Achievable - I am probably one of the most positive people that you will ever meet, and frankly I encourage that in everyone that works with me. But you must always make sure that the chances of success are realistically achievable. And then once you have determined that they are, work on the small things that will help ensure that success.

4. Realistic - Make sure that your plans and forecasts are based on fact and not just pie in the sky.

5. Time specific – Make sure that every business plan, or virtually any action that you take in business has a time frame attached to it.  there's an old saying that if you keep on doing the same, you will get more of the same. So if things are not working and you have not put down  dates to evaluate your current position, then you will get more of the same.

So be S M A R T and make sure that you keep you and your employees on track and get a better chance of success.

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