Every company has to make a profit, well that's if you want to survive that is!

However, the best companies know that profit is just one of the results, that comes from understanding that their "Why they got in the businesses in the first place" should be driving everything that they do inside and outside of the company.

"WHY" is the big question, and how you answer that will heavily influence what your profit becomes. Once you have a "Clarity of Purpose, when you are truly in sync with your "WHY You Are In Business in the First Place" then you will be able to understand and implement the rest of the equation, and those two words are:


How do we figure out the strategy and plan?


What do we have to do to bring the HOW to fruition?

This concept together with Jack's "Winning Business Formula" has been inspiring audiences in North and South America and If you would like to book Jack to deliver this session at your next event, or you would simply like to know more about it, , just drop an e-mail to info@jacksims.com and we will get back to you!